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Ashley Miller	My name is Ashley, but you can also call me Ash. I have a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling, as well as work experience in several aspects of the mental health field. My work experience consists of drug and alcohol inpatient, drug and alcohol outpatient, family counseling, couples counseling, and mental health counseling. I am also a high school field hockey coach which I enjoy very much. 

While working in several areas of the mental health field, I began to realize many conventional mental health services encourage individuals to think and heal based on the standards of the system - not the client. I believe every individual is different, and therefore should be given the opportunity to think, heal, and grow uniquely. Coaching allows me to share what I have experienced to be most transformative in my own life, as well as what I've witnessed to be most beneficial to others professionally. 

My life mission is to free others from constraints that are holding them back from standing in their power. My passion lies in encouraging others to face their own internal and external battles with courage and not fear. As you unlock your true potential, you will naturally realize your own answers - your destiny. The answers are within us all - we must simply give ourselves the freedom to remember. 

Someone once told me, “The greatest gift you can give someone, is to help them learn about themselves.” That has stayed with me throughout my life, and I aim to carry that message forward as a coach. I hope to work with you in accomplishing your goals. Your destiny is yours to own. 

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