Coaching for Parents of Athletes


Being a parent of an athlete is not a seamless, or an easy role.  Often, as a parent, it can be challenging to find the balance between motivating your child without suffocating their individual growth as an athlete.  Every athlete matures, develops, performs and advances differently.  Every athlete also copes with pressure, competition, failure and success uniquely. It can be overwhelming as a parent to facilitate the most beneficial ways to enhance your child's likelihood of thriving in sports. A Life Coach is a powerful person to bring on board to enhance both the parents, and the athletes overall experiences of athletics.  As a high school field hockey coach myself, I personally have seen the utility for a Life Coach to help bridge the gap between athletes and parents.  By learning how to best support, motivate, and enjoy your child's athletic journey, you as a parent will also be able to take home the gold!

Coaching sessions for parents may be done in person for those who live within an hour radius of Mechanicsburg PA, or performed virtually. If local, I can even meet you at the field! You can get a session in for yourself while your child is in practice! Start your process of training to be a profound parent of an athlete today!

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