Shadow Work


Shadow work is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on the parts of the psyche that people often keep hidden, such as trauma, fear and resentment. This dark, or hidden side of our psyche is referred to as the “shadow self.”

According to Jung, a personality includes the persona, which is the personality that people show to the public, and the shadow self, which remains private or hidden. Unlike the persona, the shadow self often includes traits that a person does not like to show. 

Jung also believed that the collective unconscious influences the shadow. The collective unconscious is a Jungian idea that refers to the collective memories and impulses of society as a whole. 

Shadow work involves exploring and integrating the unconscious aspects of oneself, such as repressed emotions, fears, and desires, to achieve personal growth and wholeness.

We all have traits that we’re proud of, and traits that we don’t feel so confident about. Some of these traits may trigger or embarrass us, so we hide them from public view. These parts make up your shadow self, and it longs to be heard. 

What makes up your shadow depends on what you subconsciously reject within yourself. We usually hear this come up as negative self talk. Often, these rejected parts of ourselves are the result of childhood experiences.

Anything that threatens the way you present to the world (that is, brings your shadow self into the light) will be seen as a threat to your identity — and ultimately, your safety.

Repressing your inner shadow can have dangerous consequences. Most often, the shadow manifests as our triggers — emotional reactions that we haven’t fully dealt with, but bubble up to the surface under the right (wrong) circumstances. It takes training, self-awareness, guidance, and courage to help you face your shadow self in a healthy way.


  • identifying and countering negative personal traits, as well as negative traits that society has instilled in us. 
  • learning to be more accepting of oneself. 
  • understanding the challenges other people face with their shadow selves. 
  • confronting trauma, grief, and other challenging emotions. 
  • understanding how society, childhood, and various relationships influence our lives and interactions. 

Shadow Work can be incorporated into any one-on-one coaching session or workshop. 

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