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Athletics are only a vessel intended to teach you the deepest lesson you will need to learn in order to grow into who you are meant to be. Your purpose is hidden within your lesson. Sometimes in order to create and trust our vision for the future, we must visit and honor our past. If athletes struggle to perform in the present it can often be because they haven’t fully examined their past as athletes. In order to trust themselves in the present, an athlete must know who they are; that information is gained from studying their journey as an athlete.

The purpose of this workshop will be to find your activation word. An activation word is a word that resonates with the most primal lesson you are learning from the game; your purpose. If you are tapped into your purpose, learning your individual lesson, you will never be failing, lost, or discontent - win or lose.

An activation word is one word. Simple, direct, potent, HONEST. Emotion provoking and emotion centering at the same time. It induces both of these polarities simultaneously because of its authenticity. If we want to play with purpose we must play with honesty.

Using an activation word is a great sports psychology technique promoting mindfulness, confidence and grounding within athletes. This workshop is great for any athlete or team, but would especially be beneficially to athletes struggling with anxiety, confidence and perform issues.

Members of this workshop will be lead through a guided meditation in which they will discover their own personal activation word. The meditation will be followed by a group discussion processing their experience with the meditation, the insight gained, and sharing their own personal activation words with their team. Following the meditation and discussion athletes will be instructed on how to use their activation words within sport.

Activation Workshop Objectives:

  1. Athletes will learn what an activation word is; it’s benefits and uses.
  2. Athletes will gain personal insight into their subconscious mind through guided meditation.
  3. Athletes and coaches will experience a bonding process that is different from any that they have shared in the present moment as a team because this workshop will allow athletes and coaches to bond based on their past. It’s a lot easier to understand who an athlete is currently and why if we can understand who they have been and why.

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