WHY Workshop


Many think motivation is the number one ingredient in any elite athlete, however this workshop will uncover that INSPIRATION is actually more powerful than motivation. If an athlete can answer their WHY, their HOW will feel much less like work, and much more like an expression of their inspiration.

In the WHY Workshop athletes will process the intrinsic reasons they perform their sport. They will identify their WHY; their inspiration behind their athleticism. Each athlete will learn about themselves in a way that promotes intrinsic growth, awareness and commitment. Athletes will gain personal insight that gives them the upper hand on any competitor.

As a team, members of the workshop will relate to one another in an authentic way. Coaches and teammates will gain a deeper understanding of one another. Team unity will blossom as the team opens a dialogue of vulnerability that is not typically possible to achieve in the day to day grind of athletics. The team will leave the workshop with a a clear vision of who they are individually within the sport, and also who they are together as a team unit.

The WHY Workshop will guide any athlete into a deeper understanding and appreciation for their athletic process. The WHY Workshop is especially powerful for athletes struggling to connect the dots of their athletic journey, and to see their own progress. Every team bond and connection will be positively amplified due to the vulnerability and honesty within this workshop. If your team and/or athletes are in a slump, seemed to have lost their spark, fighting with burn out, or are struggling with inspiration, the WHY Workshop is ingredient you need to achieve your HOW.

WHY Workshop Objectives:

  1. To explore your WHY. The purpose of this workshop is to find your WHY so that you’re inspired to perform your HOW.
  2. To gain deeper insight into yourself as an athlete. The mind controls the body; the more you make the unconscious conscious, the more of an edge you will have over your opponents because you will be in control of your mind.
  3. To facilitate a deeper understanding of your fellow teammates individually, and your team as a cohesive unit. When your teammates and coaches are aware of your WHY they can best push you through the HOW. You must show your heart to your team if you wish to become a truly unified unit.

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