One on one coaching

One on One Coaching

A life coach is someone who facilitates the most powerful ways for you to learn about yourself.  Having someone coach you through life helps you to see the whole picture; to identify all areas of disharmony and how they may impact one another. Life coaching helps you to assimilate all areas of your life and to incorporate all avenues of self growth into one journey. Just like any other coach, my job is to encourage and guide you as we unlock your full potential.

One On One Coaching is the most popularly used service at Own Your Destiny Coaching.  It is designed to be a free flowing process between the two of us. You will have the power to dictate the direction of each session. You may wish to focus on something different each session related to what is occurring in your life, or you may wish to focus on specific areas until your personal goals are met. Each style of growth is fine. With One On One Coaching, you have the freedom to dictate your own goals and areas of focus from session to session. You lead the way, and we walk the path together.

Sessions at Own Your Destiny Coaching are predominately done virtually. With virtual coaching you have the ability to be coached one on one when and where you would like to be. Your coach at Own Your Destiny Coaching is always a phone call, a zoom meeting, or a text away! Sometimes the most crucial gateways for real growth are in real life. Virtual coaching allows for flexible consistent communication with your coach.  Virtual coaching also gives you the freedom to control the environment of your sessions. Perhaps you would like to be at home, perhaps you have a long commute you would like to fill with something beneficial, or maybe you would like to develop a routine of walking, being outside, or being somewhere else that you enjoy during your sessions. Virtual coaching gives your coach the accessibility to make an impact in your life no matter where you are. In or out of town, home or away, business or vacation - with Own Your Destiny Coaching, you will always have your coach in your corner. Virtual coaching gives you the power to access guidance on the go within the midst of life.  Don't stop life to grow - grow through life with Own Your Destiny Coaching. The most powerful time to work on making changes is in the present moment when the opportunity for change presents itself. Own Your Destiny Coaching makes this possible.

For those who prefer in person interactions, there is an option for in person One on One Coaching at my discretion for select clients who meet the criteria. This service is for clients who can benefit from in person one on one coaching, and live within an hour radius of Mechanicsburg PA. In person coaching sessions may be done in my office located in Shermans Dale PA, or in the comfort of the clients own home.  I recommend this service particularly for the athletes.  Athletic confidence building is something that is best done in person, either in the home of the athlete, or at the location of the sport they partake in. 

One on One Coaching is a service that can benefit ANYONE. If you would like to become a more evolved individual, a receptive partner, a grounded parent, a stronger athlete, a confident professional, or to become the version of yourself that you are destined to be, One on One Coaching is the service for you.

To see some of the areas that I specialize in, please see Specialties. All specialties can be incorporated into One on One Coaching,  

The number of sessions per week and/or month is determine by the client, and is dependent upon the desired level of client/coach communication. 

For pricing information on One On One Coaching please see Pricing.

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