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As an athlete, you are taught about the importance of training your body, but often the importance of training your mind gets neglected. You will be surprised how much your life experience, self talk, self belief systems, and self confidence carry into your athletic performance.  To be the best athlete you can be, you must address your strengths and your weaknesses internally as well as externally; with this balance you will have the upper hand against any competitor. 

One of the most transcending aspects of athletics is having the experience of being on a team. Within a team, we learn about ourselves and how others experience us.  We define our role, and we get to see the role coaches and other teammates place on us. Team dynamics can often trigger unhealed relational dynamics from our own families, friend groups, or life experiences.  This is also why sports are so powerful for individual growth; they give us the opportunity to redefine ourselves and our roles within a larger system.  If team sports are experienced with awareness, they teach us to have an internal locus of control.  Through the Athletic Workshops, we will also examine how the aspect of being on a team influences your personal athletic experience.

Athletic Workshops may be performed with an entire team, or privately one on one.  All athletic workshops can be performed virtually, but are recommended to be performed in person for athletes and/or teams within an hour radius of Mechanicsburg PA.  All workshops are designed to be within 1.5 to 2 hours in duration, however more or less time may be appropriate depending on the number of athletes.

Below are several available Athletic Workshops. Please click on any of the specific workshops for a full description.   

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