Free Yourself From Fear

free yourself from fear

Fear is an emotion everyone experiences at some point in life, yet it can be absolutely debilitating if not processed and confronted with the right tools.  Fear can feel like waves washing over us, pulling us down with the undertow, and at times like we are drowning within it.  It can manifest as anxiety, depression, anger, over stimulation, over reactiveness, under reactiveness, avoidance, fatigue, disassociation, or numbness. As a defense mechanism, some people may be overly responsive to fear - resulting in outbursts. Others may become under responsive when fearful, leading to avoidances.  Both can cause dysfunction in relationships and in life. It is important to remember no matter how far you are out to sea, there is always a lighthouse. Together we will help you find it.

Certain events such as trauma, grief, and loss can cause us to get stuck in fight or flight mode for extended periods of time. If we live in fear, our minds tell our bodies that there is an actual threat to our survival.  This takes a toll on our physical body, as well as our mental health.  The goal of Freeing Yourself From Fear, is to guide you out of survival mode, and into a place of safety.  When you are capable of creating your own safety, you are able to experience the world around you with confidence.  Some things that may be strengthened through this service are boundaries, confidence, and chakra systems.  Some techniques that may be used are mindfulness, examination of belief systems, grounding techniques, as well as visualization techniques. Together we will begin to navigate your personal ocean of fear. At times you may need to learn to drop an anchor and wait for the waves to settle, others you will need to keep your composure and swim; either will be possible with the courage to free yourself!  

The Free Yourself From Fear specialty can be incorporated into any One on One Coaching, Team Building, Family Dynamics, or Relationship Resilience Coaching session. 

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