Understanding addiction

understanding addiction

I chose this picture to represent the Understanding Addiction specialty for several reasons.  This was taken after a forest fire in Colorado.  Some of the trees are still charred, and yet many have regrown and begun to flourish again.  When forest fires occur, they can be like the process of addiction; destructive, untamed, and tragic.  They do create loss, however, through the seared desolate ground there is opportunity for new growth.  Without forest fires no new growth would have the space to occur.  Think of addiction as a forest fire for your soul.  It is tragic, scary, and filled with loss, but through the flames you have been given an opportunity to recreate yourself.

Addiction is an insidious illness that affects many individuals and families in America.  While I am not a treatment facility for addiction, I am competent in helping you to gain understanding, insight, and awareness about yourself and any addiction you may be struggling with.  Together we will process your addiction in a way that facilitates introspection and not judgment.  When the fear of judgment is removed,  you are often able to gain access to crevices of your mind that you've not allowed yourself  to examine before.  Self awareness is your number one defense against any addiction. 

The Understanding Addiction service can also be used for individuals struggling to support someone with an addiction.  It can be extremely difficult to navigate your own life while dealing with someone close to you struggling with an addiction. Codependency and healthy boundary setting can also be covered within this service.

You can become something beautiful after enduring something destructive.  You CAN grow again.

The Understanding Addiction specialty can be incorporated into any One on One Coaching, Team Building, Family Dynamics, or Relationship Resilience Coaching session. 

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