Anger Alleviation

anger alleviation

Anger is typically a secondary emotion, yet it can become our auto pilot reaction to unidentified emotions. The emotions masked with anger are different for everyone. Some examples of primary emotions often masked by anger are fear, sadness, confusion, remorse, and pain.  Anger can be a learned reaction we inherited from watching others around us, or a self taught defense mechanism.  Often times we find anger is an unproductive emotional state reeking havoc on our own nervous systems, as well as the environment around us. 

Think of anger as a flame.  As we all know, fire can be snuffed out if deprived the fueling elements, or it can be fed until it turns into something destructive.  Typically when we make decisions, or base our words or actions off of anger, we are fueling the fire, and we do not get the outcome that we desire.  Not only do we hurt others, but we often end up feeling isolated, alone, and misunderstood ourselves. This is because we are not accurately communicating our primary emotions, therefore others can not accurately support or understand us.  

The purpose of anger alleviation is to minimize not only the amount of time spent in an angered state, but also to minimize the amount of actions, reactions, and decisions made out of anger.  By doing so, you will notice more harmony within yourself, as well as the environment around you.

Together we will work to identify the primary emotions that are being masked by anger, find ways to communicate those in a more authentic way, and develop coping skills to stressors. As you gain awareness you will begin to have control over your own inner flame.

The Anger Alleviation specialty can be incorporated into any One on One Coaching, Team Building, Family Dynamics, or Relationship Resilience Coaching session. 

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